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General multiplayer info? (Bedrock)

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created 01/22/2018 11:01 am by Prowl33
last reply 01/22/2018 4:07 pm
Hi, so I'm pretty new to minecraft (about 3 weeks in) and have the Xbox one edition, waiting for my free upgrade to bedrock to go through.

I'm learning a lot about the game, building redstone devices and such, but what I don't understand is the multiplayer which I haven't tried messing with at all yet. Is it mostly just to play with friends? Is there like a server list to choose from that people host? Is it mostly just for collaborative play to build cool and large projects together and that sort of thing? Are their large dedicated servers that you can kind of carve out your own little spot in and be part of a community in a sense?

I know java and bedrock are different, so I'm specifically looking for answers as it pertains to me playing bedrock from my Xbox one.
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01/22/2018 4:07 pm
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Yeah normally I'm a pc gamer. We got it for the kids for their wii u first, me and my wife liked it a lot so got it for Xbox one so we could play split screen, then also the kids for their nintendo switch so we can play with the better together update all together.

I'm hoping some people here can confirm things for me like, if i make a world for me, the kids, and a friend, is that world always open to be played by any of us, or would the person that created it originally have to open it?

Once I get upgraded from Xbox one edition to better together (hoping Microsoft will get it done in the next couple days) will I have options of servers to choose with different purposes or rule sets similar to java? How about access to free skin and map pack downloads and that sort of stuff?
01/22/2018 2:34 pm
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First of all: welcome to the game, hope you're going to have fun. Second... The console might not be the best place to start playing. Don't get me wrong: it can be plenty of fun and it's a good game. But the Java edition (or "PC edition" if you will) is generally speaking a lot more flexible and it gives you a whole lot of freedom to play the game as you want to play it (for example: setting up a server for yourself? that is but one mouse click away).

Multiplayer, generally speaking, is used to play with friends but also on servers. There has been a massive "Coming together" update recently which - as far as I know - allows you to access servers no matter what kind of mobile edition you're playing on. So the Windows 10 version is pretty much compatible with the XBox version, and both should allow you to access the same servers.

From what I know there are tons of servers out there. Smaller ones and huge multiplayer stuff which provides tons of mini games and other things to do.

I can't give you good examples though because I only play the original, aka Java edition, myself.
01/22/2018 12:54 pm
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as far as i know the multiplayer on bedrock is mostly for playing with friends, however there are some large servers that i know are on PE not sure if they are also for Xbox tho




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