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Help us fight for minecraft lag relief!

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created 07/18/2019 3:13 am by Stellari
last reply 07/18/2019 4:42 am


Performance is a serious issue for servers, and since the release of 1.13 the issues preventing servers from upgrading only seem to rise. Adding multithreading support will allow for Minecraft Servers to be able to upgrade to 1.14, which is known to have issues with chunk loading and lighting.

The inability to use more than one thread is a huge restriction for servers. There are certain processes that can and should be done in parallel, some ideas are below. Server software like Spigot and PaperSpigot has implemented some of these, but others require such far-reaching changes to Minecraft that only Mojang can implement it and have it work for everyone.

If you can please vote on the feedback post someone has made on Minecraft's official website which can be found here.

If you would like to help us, please sign our petition or even spread the word [ Link to Petition! ]

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1 reply

07/18/2019 4:42 am
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I actually agree with this because I've always wanted to see some 1.14 and 1.13 minecraft servers but there is none and when I ask my friends to make one, they always say "those versions are just so bad with rendering issues and lighting issues" I have a 1.14.3 server and I've noticed these problems and I was thinking of downgrading to 1.12.2 but all of the builds would be ruined since they were built with the 1.14 blocks, so I'm a bit stuck here

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