Herobrine: The Legendary Ghost

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I have seen so much talk about whether Herobrine is real, or just a story. I have come here to say one thing.

Herobrine is one of the most popular stories that minecraft (and the community) has to offer. I love reading what other minecrafters can come up with. However, I do not like to see people fight over it.

I believe that Herobrine is a fake story, but a fun one nonetheless. I want everyone to stop trying to prove/disprove his existence and enjoy the fantasy. Herobrine is just a story to be told to small minecrafters to scare them at night. Nothing more, nothing less.

If there is a Herobrine out there, reading this post. Then let him announce himself if he wants. Until I meet the real herobrine, he will just be a story to me...

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06/29/2012 3:13 pm
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Eye ham deh lejandayrie HAIRBRAIN guy ad eye had comm foa WEBENGE




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