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I'm calling it, 1.15 will be focused mainly on combat and equipment

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created 05/16/2019 3:57 pm by tosutosu
last reply 05/16/2019 4:45 pm
...and not on world generation and mining.

It is already confirmed that cobalt/blue redstone is not coming anytime soon and it's also confirmed that 1.15 will add functionality to smithing tables and fletching tables.

Jeb has also posted this tweet a while ago (in February). Everything points to the combat and basically nothing new coresponds with mining or underground biomes at all.

What do you think?
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3 replies

05/16/2019 4:36 pm
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when was cobalt/blue redstone confirmed to not be coming soon? i hadn't heard.
05/16/2019 4:45 pm
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05/16/2019 4:16 pm
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I don't like it. Personally I don't think combat is in such an urgent state, like mining/underground is.

Combat works, there are different types and different strengths to each type of playstyle, sure it could get some more work but it's not in a bad shape, I like it how it is. While underground is really only used to strip mine - there is literally no other reason to be underground, unless you need a spawner or you're looking for an end portal - this is really dull imo.

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