I made a hard test for people who think they know everything in the game. Looking for completion data!web

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KyleJamesCatterall started 03/29/2020 6:25 pm history
ItsFlashPvP replied 03/30/2020 2:12 am
Think you know everything about Minecraft, including: General knowledge, commands, Redstone, in-game mathematics (light levels, etc) and data?
Then take this interactive test: https://www.testportal.net/test.html?t=74nq4HCLgH7B
NOTE: When inputting your name and surname, using a pseudonym is acceptable.

It benefits both of us: I get statistical data on the average player knowledge, and you get to test your skills!

WARNING: The test can only have 79 more completions at the time of posting! If you can no longer take the interactive test, you can still take the test here (54KB):https://www.mediafire.com/file/cncbop0z4q0occd/Minecraft_Exam.zip/file(Exam saved as Microsoft Word file, .docx. Can be converted to .txt).

EDIT: No one has got Grade 9 yet, guys be lyin'
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Level 1 : New Crafter

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03/30/2020 2:12 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
I gave up, I couldn't make it to the end lol
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