I need help improving my organic building skill

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48minh started 7/20/20 10:27 pm
and replied 7/21/2020 12:00 am
Hi everyone! i has been building for 2 years. My profession is housing, i really want to learn more kind of building than just housing itself,so i started building organic last month but there are some problems that im gonna tell y all now.

-1.Shadowing and Coloring, i pretty bad at coloring things especially shadow cuz i only use my feeling to mix the colors, i indeed really extremely super mega ultimately beg anyone who's pro at this could help me out, im struggling with this for such a long time that i cant make it, if you have any documents , advice or any youtubers,anyone that could help me pls show me. i appreciate!

-2. Gesture, in not so bad at this part but i cant make the organic gesture as i wish, sometimes i got many good gesture ideas but when it finished i feel not so satisfied, it still remain some mistakes which look really annoying.

-3 Scenes, well.. this's the most annoying between 3 problems, i feel like my organic doesnt look fit with the scene.. like it doesnt come together so far, u can imagine my organic is a banana put in ww3 battle( i mean that's kinda fucked up).

That's it. if you have any advice or document , dont hesitate to show me, i ll take it all ,positive,negative. Any of which can help me improve my building skill. boi!
(im just an english learner :D if u have any frustration u could tell me , i ll fix it as quick as possible. Here are some of my organics.

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07/20/2020 10:55 pm
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Check out MegRae on YouTube, you wont be disappointed :) Also, those look really good, better than any organic I could build xD.
07/21/2020 12:00 am
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yeah i have checked some youtubers like perlescentmoon ,gemini tay,fwhip,jermsyboy,grian,scar,bdubs,... they're such god tier xD but learning their techiques are something not so easy to do, Oh btw i learned world edit from MegRae tho xD. thanks for the advice anyway!
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