My idea for a multiplayer superflat setup

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The superflat: https://pastebin.com/q7xehpDT
Okay, so it goes like this: At the very top (never to be seen by players), there is just bedrock. Under that, there's lava to stop the player from going too high.

But under that is where the fun begins. I'll start from the bottom, and go up, as players should start in a multiplayer game. There are 4 levels in total.

Bottom Layer: The Gravel Pits
This is the bottom layer, and it's a stone floor, wtih a gravel surface. Of course, extra gravel falls in from the above stone ceiling, and this creates nice little towers, giving it a mazelike feel. This is also where lava lakes and mineshafts spawn, usually hovering just above head-height. From there you can get wooden tools, to get stone tools and so on. And so, you move up to the next level. Chests do not spawn there, however.

1st Layer: Safe Waters
This is the 2nd layer from the bottom, and is water. Lots and lots of water, but managable to get through if you make a 1x1x1 tower and place fences on it. It will probably be something more advanced players will return to later, to build and to harvest squid ink.

2nd Layer: Quartz World
This is the 3rd layer from the bottom, and it is, well, a quartz plane, covered in mushrooms and small gravel towers. As well as this, it has a higher density of lava pools than the other layers. The quartz isn't too deep, though.

4th Layer: The Heaven Layer
This is a lush and bountiful layer, being the only layer that has a grass seed source (ferns), and it has a thin layer of dirt, meaning you can farm on it. As well as this, if you attack the ceiling, lava will come down, which is a useful light and energy source, and is very easy to get in gargantuan amounts. It also has mineshafts in higher quantites than the other two layers, but the bottom layer has more. But however, chests actually spawn there, which is a good advantage.

How to set up:
Dig straight down in creative mode, filling in blocks you break as you go down.

Make a small settlement on the bottom layer, set it as spawn with some teleporters, make the whole thing indestructible, and then start the server.
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04/21/2017 3:57 pm
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This is a cool idea! I'd never considered making a superflat survival world primarily based on layers.

If you don't want to have to dig down, you could also use
/tp ~ 20 ~
to teleport to the bottom.
04/22/2017 7:07 am
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I.. Never thought of using the teleport commands, lol.
Thank you for the reply, I'm currently making a settlement at the bottom for a server, as a sort of spawn point.




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