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Is making a brand new server still reasonable?

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created 09/15/2019 7:50 pm by Morgoth_The_Dark
last reply 09/22/2019 11:19 pm
I have played MC for a long time.

I once ran a server that had about 20-30 players on it. Years ago.

I would love to make a new one where players genuinely had fun and found a unique experience.

However, I've noticed so many empty servers up on PMC that don't seem terrible, and probably actually took quite a bit of work. (Trust me I know it's a lot of work to develop a decent server).

So is it still reasonable to make a new server and be able to get 20-30 players in a month or so?

Seems like advertising is a lot harder now, or the playerbase in general has gone down, Im not sure, but I don't want to waste the time developing a server if I won't be able to get players on it. I can find servers that offer something similar to what I'm wanting to make, but not exactly, and they already have players.

So is it even worth the effort to make my own server, or should I just play on already established ones?

I know I can make an enticing experience, because I have before and I understand how to make the game fun, and keep players online once they try out the server. I'm just not sure that it's really worth it, or as easy as it was years ago.

Anyone have any valuable input?
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8 replies

09/22/2019 11:14 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Network
My server/network is 6 now. IMO i think it is worth the effort as long as you have the means to fund it. My network has been quite empty for the past while sadly. It does seem like advertising is indeed more difficult. If you need advice feel free to ask me. I may not have experience with huge networks, But i have plenty with community based servers. i try to aim at fewer players who behave reasonably rather than more players with attitude problems / toxicity. What type of server are you trying to run?
09/21/2019 9:37 pm
Level 22 : Expert Zombie
id say its worth it, ive been running a semi-vanilla anarchy style server, and it yields about 10-40 new players a day. with several becoming regulars, sometimes my servers gets completely stacked and new players are still trying to join. I used to run a big, custom server, and it got barely any players despite spending almost a YEAR getting it all set up, so heres a life lesson, sometimes the effort does not pay off, and sometimes you can build great things with little effort.
09/18/2019 9:28 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter
Is it worth it is relative to your goal. If your goal is to generate revenue from a server, then no it isn't worth it. If your goal is to create a community of friends, then it becomes a labor of love and it is worth it. I've played on tons and tons of public servers ranging from 10 people to 100+ people and I play where there is a good community regardless of size. I like to pop into discord when I'm at work and say hi to people, I like to log on and chat with regulars, I like to help the new players get started, and I like to help people troubleshoot why things don't work in their base. It all boils down to how you have fun and what it is you want.
09/16/2019 5:57 pmhistory
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
Having done it myself, I can assure you that it's not worth it.

Hundreds of hours of backend work designing and setting up the server, and hundreds more improving it once the server was released in the time since last summer has yielded a steady playerbase of 0-12, usually 0. We advertise on 10 different voting sites, have custom-made plugins (server runs 65+ plugins total), a custom resource pack, custom terrain, and all of the other classic features that players look for which all combine to create a genuinely unique MC experience.

I even pay for 12 gigs of RAM.

All of that being said, not that many people ever join, and those that do rarely stay. As is to be expected, there are 5-10 veteran players that play pretty regularly, but generally they are the only ones on.

It can be very rewarding to run a server, but it takes a ridiculous amount of resources (connections and cash) to keep up a medium sized playerbase today.
09/22/2019 11:17 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Network
I offer several type of gameplay. Such as a sort-of-vanilla survival with a few fun things added on. Or a slimefun skyblock to appeal to different audiences.

Creative seemed to work for a while. it used to be a staple game mode. we still have that stuff, But once the older playerbase dies out. its hard to come back :(
09/21/2019 9:29 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Network
Lightweight Factions
People don't like custom terrain. Everyone is so sick of playing on servers that have MASSIVE infrastructure (i.e: 65 plugins) and most of the people who are coming back to the game after taking a huge break play the new version of the game, and prefer vanilla or something close to it.
09/22/2019 11:19 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Network
It appeals to a certain playerbase. I ran a custom terrain server for a while and it was a hit.
09/15/2019 10:06 pm
Level 23 : Expert Blockhead
What I'd say? Luck. It depends on the kind of people who you manage to bring over, if they stay, if you manage just the right kind of combination that builds upon itself. The equation is not built from quality of server design, although a grasp on what people enjoy will surely be helpful for you to capitalize on opportunities. But even if you're really strong, do not operate expecting to succeed, only hoping to with your best efforts. As a learning experience you are willing to fail at without hard feelings, give it a shot. You'll learn more even if you've done it before. It's expecting to get big and in particular, make money that sinks people, because you're quite right; the years have passed and retention hasn't gotten any easier.

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