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[Looking for a Semi HCF/Factions/NoTnT/NoGapples/Hard server

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created 06/26/2016 3:52 am by LuisHolguin
Hello there;
My name is Luis and I'm looking for a Minecraft different "Factions" server.
First of all, yes, I'm a Minecraft player that likes PvP/Factions stuff, but today I'm posting this because I want to see if someone here knows a server with the features above.

This server would be like a combination of real balanced PvP, some HCF and Factions features, and some plugins I used to see a few years ago.


- FACTIONS: and ONLY Factions. I don't like OP Factions or those "Factions servers" with plotme plugins.

- Vanilla PvP: The server I'm looking for must have a "vanilla" pvp system. Or at least without plugins of spells, magic, or custom enchants. (Maybe with custom enchants, but only for resource gathering or farming, I don't know. I don't want custom enchatns that affect the PvP).

- No TNT/Withers: This is one of the features I like from HCF servers (but I neither like HCF servers at all). I want to be able to build a beautiful base, with a fancy medieval style with big doors and decorations. Not a big rectangle of cobble with another 200 walls of water/lava and worrying about the moment I get raided by a "tnt expert" with a cannon 3 times bigger than my base. I wan't to pvp, trap and kill players to then overclaim their land and raid them.
Maybe creepers could be allowed, but not creeper eggs.

- Nerfed or NO Gapples at all: I'm tired of those donnors having 3 double chests filled of Gapples. For real. Where is the fun behind gapple pvp?
You just need to have 5 sets of armour in your inventory, then another 5 stacks of gapples and you are done. You can be inmortal for some seconds with only one. So go, fight for 2 hours just for getting a damaged armor, 3 restant stacks of gapples and repeat the proccess. I don't really see the funny part of this. I like go to the nether, make some regeneration, strenght and health potions, then go to fight and hope I'm skilled enough to kill my enemy. Maybe str pots can be nerfed too.

- No commands such /fly, /gamemode, or /kits with protection IV sets every 2 hours: I understand servers need money for hosting. Owners can't just pay 50 bucks monthly for getting nothing. But please, don't give players commands like /fly, or /kits with everything. That is a pay2win server and I don't want that.

The server should or must have that features. I could list much more but I'm asking for too much and well... I will just list the rest of the features I would want to see in a "could have section":


- McMMO or any other plugin like this one (RPGme is a good plugin too).
- Pets. (I loved to catch a pet, then train it and make it fight with me^^).
- Useful plugins to, for example, put the exp you have in a bottle clicking a enchanting table; or pulling out enchants from items to books.
- Custom map/biomes.
- Silk spawners.
- Limited enchants (like HCF "Map Kits". So the max protection enchant could be 2, instead of 4. Or max sharpness enchant 3 instead of 5. So pvp will be more balanced between newer and older players).
- Getting money from killing mobs/players, or JOBS: Instead of a big and glitched shop, where you can set BIG/AUTOMATED farms, to sell loot and get rich in seconds and without any efford.
- HARD ECONOMY: I like hard gamestyles. That's why I hate OP servers that much. I want to play on a server where your efford is counted.
Having to first get a considerable amount of money to create a faction, claim and invite players would be amazing. Also paying a tax so getting money will be an important part of the server.

Again, yes. I know I'm asking for a weird and maybe unexistent server. But that is why this forum is used for (I'm not really sure If I'm posting this in the correct section, but well, I will move it if necessary). I just want to see if out there is a server like this, and if not moving to another game because I'm already bored of this minecraft server community.
You might ask why I don't make this server myself. Well, the answer is that I already had tried to open this kind of server. But the problem is the hosting. I already configurated a spigot 1.8 server with this features, but at the moment of looking for a host to just upload my server's folder via FTP and start playing, I notice I can't afford paying $30-50 monthly. I'm a 15 years old guy who has to pay his phone services, food and save money for buying his own stuff. I can't just spend that money on a videogame.

So I think this is the end of the post. I have to say I'm from Colombia, my main language isn't english and you might find some bad english and some spelling mistakes there.
Hope some of you can help me, c'ya !
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