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3XX3 started 05/29/2020 12:13 pm
RecoladaMC replied 06/05/2020 10:38 pm
So many maps have hidden Easter eggs in them. Do you think it makes the map more fun and interesting?
What about the maps where the eggs and easy and hard to find?

Not to advertise my map, but... My Temerity map has 25 Easter eggs in it and some are very easy to find and some are difficult to find. Though, if you do find all of them, then you will receive a price. And what's better about my prize is that it is not one of those congratulations texts, a item or room that's diamond/gold, or a additional level.

What's your thoughts on maps having Easter eggs. How about the prize when you find them all.
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Absolutely! One of my favorite things about maps and MP servers are builds that have an intricate design that is full of hidden passages and easter eggs. I am an explorer and adventurer and I always love finding thins beneath the surface and going places I shouldn't be going :P

The risk is sometimes worth the reward. Remember to implement that in your maps. Give the player a scenario to do something incredibly risky but there is a worthy reward for doing it
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