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Medieval/steampunk/gothic decadence vs neoclassical/baroque splendor

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created 04/21/2019 8:25 pm by xv12commander
Hi everyone! I just wanted to ask the community about these two way of building in minecraft, I personally see that from the very beginning when I started to play this game until now I see that the mainstream building style has always been a blend of medieval/gothic, steampunk and this kind of stuff, usually a grey-looking muddle with some brown somewhere (wooden roofs mainly), an abuse of cobblestone, which is a very disgusting block, and countless slab and fence details... Sometimes it seems that the more messy it looks the most epic it's considered to be! Of course there are examples of great ability and skills even in this style!
Anyway I have always preferred another type of architectural style, more balanced and clear. It's like a mix of baroque and neclassical, cause just neoclassiacal is often too spare... You can see that in all my previous works. I also made a little "trailer-video" featuring some of my best works if you want to see exactly what I am talking about. Anyway... what do you guys think? Which style do you prefer and why?
(btw I am also looking for builders which could potentially join me in some projects...)

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