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Minecraft bedrock edition and why I am considering cancelling my realm subscriptions

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created 03/01/2018 11:49 am by AGTRigorMortis
last reply 03/06/2018 10:31 pm
Ok, I have to be honest on this one because this issue has been bothering me for a long time.
I've been considering cancelling my realm subscriptions on bedrock edition.

Although Jeb, Dinnerbone and Aubrey Norris have been improving the game exponentially ever since Notch left the company, Minecraft isn't all it can be in my humble opinion because there's numerous things they could've added to the game, but refused to for one reason or another, I think some of it is in part due to the fans stubbornness to move on and allow the game to be improved upon.

The enchanting system for the most part is ok to me, the combat system, the changes didn't bother me, although numerous other people including Antvenom hated that system, so I'd rather it be optional and not forced upon people for that reason, and the idea that they can impose gameplay mechanic changes on people does annoy me.

But one thing I've grown increasingly intolerant about is how long it takes for the devs to add content, and more specifically, there's no way to build steam trains which transport you and items (proper ones, not some mine cart with furnace junk like in Java) outside of a mod, which means we're stuck with only the boat and mine carts, despite the game existing for almost 10 years, this means we cannot make an industrial revolution themed map of some kind, not impressive for a sandbox game.

Also there's no slopes, which means we can't improve our builds even further by slanting our rooftops
we have to improvise by using slabs or stair blocks which don't slant like roof tiling, which is beyond stupid. I'm not asking for every aspect of the game to be realistic, but what exactly is wrong with us building houses or castles like real ones? nothing.

and also they haven't implemented cubic chunks, despite the fact 94% of the community from the other forum who voted wanted cubic chunks to become part of the vanilla experience.

In short, I feel as though Minecraft is being SEVERELY held back, by stubbornness and peoples unwillingness to improve something. And no, I don't think these things should be restricted to only mods, that's just making excuses for developers not implementing stuff they should be to make the default game better for people.

This isn't acceptable, some of you might think I'm being arrogant about this, but the truth is a sandbox game is supposed to allow options for creativity and I don't see why we should have to resort to using mods then loading a compatible version of the game just to achieve this.
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03/06/2018 10:31 pm
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I didn't read most of this, but yes, the folks at Mojang are extremely inefficient, and at this point just lazy. In early stages they would have entire new mechanics out every week, now it's too much work to make the 3 extra mobs from Minecon.
03/01/2018 7:53 pm
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At the current rate of development, mods will always outstrip the development speed of Mojang.

I will do as I have done for a while now - stick with the mod of my choice and never mess with the versioning. It offers more blocks than I can ever expect from Mojang, so at this point, I don't particularly care what they do. In my book, modding is the life of any true advancements in minecraft's technology.
03/01/2018 2:03 pm
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"and also they haven't implemented cubic chunks, despite the fact 94% of the community from the other forum who voted wanted cubic chunks to become part of the vanilla experience. "

votes or not, minecraft's content is not community driven

also this site isn't affiliated with mojang, just because people voted for something on here doesn't mean mojang are gonna add it to minecraft
03/01/2018 2:27 pm
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I'm not saying you are affiliated with Mojang though, and that other forum is affiliated with Curse so I already know that is a completely different organisation.

However, if democracy, or the word of a popular Youtuber such as Antvenom isn't enough clout to get something implemented in the official game then I would say the game developers are making a controversial move at best.

I don't see how cubic chunks would break the game, if it was refined enough. Who would honestly complain about having the option to generate a world that allowed you to build beyond 256 blocks upwards? no one, the game would continue as it is today and remain popular. As long as people had the option to still generate the "classic Minecraft" world capped at 256 block height.

at the end of the day, it's Microsoft's game, not mine. I don't have a right to force them
but I do have a right to refuse supporting them if I feel the content of the official game isn't sufficient.

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03/01/2018 12:33 pm
Level 51 Grandmaster Grump
You've made a lot of threads like this and the tone in each of them reads like "why is Mojang ignoring their consumers and providing an inferior product" to me. I feel like that's the wrong way to be looking at it since Minecraft isn't a cable or internet service.

At the end of the day, what gets added or removed from the game is done so according to the development team's vision for their game as an art project. I'm sure they want to make people happy with a fun game too, but if they added what every single person on this planet wanted, the game would be a mess.

It's absolutely your right to stop playing or drop subscription for Realms because you disagree with the development team, it's a bit foolish to expect the direction that they decide to go will agree with everyone, especially when there are so many people to please. You say you shouldn't have to mod things in, but that's kind of the answer here. Mojang has given players the option of modding in their favorite features that won't make it into the official release, which is a lot more than some other developers do.
03/01/2018 1:31 pm
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What annoys me though is some people who accuse those who refuse to use mods of being lazy, is they don't even take the time to think about the disadvantages of mods.

1) they disable achievements, especially in bedrock edition, not all mods are used for cheating, some mods only change aesthetics, a texture pack can be considered a mod.
2) in Minecraft, at least in the Java version, the mods become incompatible with newer versions of the game, this was especially the case with Forge and why I've given up using it.
3) mods often come from sites people aren't familiar with or may not trust, and so is a malware risk, I remember getting PUP warnings on my security software from mods I've downloaded in the past.

Sorry, but I don't want sensitive information being stolen, just because people think modding is the best way to enjoy a game. Mods are a poor trade off, at least in my view, for a game not having enough content.

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03/01/2018 2:40 pm
Level 51 Grandmaster Grump
That's a fair point, I suppose.

I personally don't care about Minecraft achievements since no one else can see them and they reset for every save you make. I wouldn't be surprised if there was already a mod to enable them in a modded game if they're a must-have.

If there's a feature you want so bad and there's no updated mod available for it, go make it yourself. There's already thousands of malware-free, working mods for a ton of features out there, but if you can't find one for a feature you want then SOMEONE is gonna have to do the work.

That said, you can't have your cake and eat it too. You either don't use a mod that's available and be down a feature you want and not have to deal with modding or you spend the time it takes to mod/code a mod for your game and get your feature. It's not ideal, but we aren't feasibly going to get a vanilla version for everything everyone in the community wants.




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