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Minecraft Realm Limit

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created 05/16/2019 4:12 am by Darth_Makroth
last reply 05/16/2019 6:11 am
so i run a minecraft bedrock Realm, and it often reaches the limit of 10 players on at a time. You might be thinking 'well run a server if you run a realm for more than just your friends' however XBOX players cant join servers apart from the featured ones, only realms so you should be able to have 50, 10 or 2 people on at a time because imo 10 for microsoft (who own minecraft and xbox) their official platform is pretty rubbish, what do you think? (also is this in the

right place? this is my first post)

PS: this is the planetminecraft page for the Realm
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05/16/2019 6:11 am
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I'm a beginner, a friend introduced me to apknite to download the free game minecraft.
Please guide for new players. Thanks

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