Minecraft Server lost almost all progress

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arunpandit started 04/04/2020 4:23 am history
SirDeathnote replied 04/05/2020 4:39 pm
So I've been hosting my first minecraft server off of my pc for a few days now just for a few friends. We were having some performance problems so I went to dedicate more ram for the server. I couldn't do more than 1gb because I had 32 bit java installed apparently.1 bhk flat in thane

So after residential projects in kalyan I installed 64 bit java I was able to dedicate the ram but the servers progress was sent back about 4 days to not long after it was created. How is this possible,commercial real estate consultant I know it saves all the time and I ran the save-all command dozens of times and always stopped the server properly? What happened to those saves?prabhadevi apartment mumbai

Any help would be appreciated. About 24 hours of cumulative work was lost there.flat for sale in kandivali
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04/04/2020 11:54 am
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