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2/1/2019 1:49 am
Hey all,

I was thinking that it would be cool to gather some ideas from the community. I haven't touched forge since before the summer, and I really have no free time this semester, but I would still like to throw a thread out there to sit around collecting your thoughts.

I have never actually published a mod (let alone complete one), but that's simply from a lack of experience with forge. I am honestly a decent programmer - if I do say so myself - I just have not had the time or patience to follow through with one of my big ideas.

So, if you have any ideas for mods, feel free to post them in the comments below. I might not be able to bring your idea to life, but I at least can try when summer break finally rolls around.

I accept general and specific comments:
  • General Ideas - Things like "add more crops" or "make electric tools" or "make dirt more useful."
  • Specific Ideas - Things like "add tacos" or "add chocolate milk" or "add ice cream."
Please, for the sake of my sanity, do not suggest anything too difficult. Remember, I've never actually finished a mod, and I haven't even touched Minecraft 1.9 yet. I would appreciate it if from you refrain from suggesting things like "add dinosaurs," or "make it so players can floss." I really do not have the experience to be making people do Fortnite dances on servers.

I plan on casually popping in here now and then and seeing what you people come up with. Do not expect any results. I cannot even access my desktop until summer break, and my laptop is too cheap to handle forge (for even minecraft for that matter).

If I am lucky, I will receive some really good suggestions that I can actually implement. If all else fails, I can come back here in ten years (when I am more experienced) and try making a mod for Microcraft 58.3.7 (or whatever name and version Minecraft is being sold under by that time).

Let's see what ideas this community has to offer!
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Cardinal System
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01/31/2019 8:03 pm
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A good Sims mod.
01/31/2019 7:29 pm
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Nuclear bomb level explosive bows
01/26/2019 2:37 am
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I have an idea that would go well with IndustrialCraft and similar. Ideally it would involve ruined-looking cities, but anyplace you have chests (temples? dungeons?) you could generate documents that explain or diagram how to build machines etc, so players could amass the recipes in-game without referencing a wiki
01/25/2019 4:32 pm
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I would love to see decent vehicle mod (cars, boats, planes etc) with atleast bit realistic controls. It should't be really hard (not sure about the planes). I haven't found single vehicle mod I would absolutely love. If you'll try to do this, good luck :)
01/31/2019 7:11 pm
Level 29 : Expert Geek
Cardinal System
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I love the idea! Unfortunately, I definitely do not have the experience to make a vehicle mod. :( However, there is a vehicle mod by MrCrayfish. Have you see it before?
02/01/2019 1:49 am
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Yeah I have seen it. Also don't give up just because you don't have experience, if you really want to do something you can do absolutely everything, just keep trying. That applies to everything, not just coding vehicles into Minecraft. If I would code only stuff I had experience with, I wouldn't be able to add even simple block, you have to gain experience ;)
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