Never trust AusRyan#6883 and AusAce#6838

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So in a span of 3 days, I have been scammed by RyanJ#6883 and Aceybabe#6838 they both hoast a server hoster and they will put it through PayPal and say they say it will automatically put you through the service which is fake they will not give you any password just the email and will not give you your money back
Website: www.fadehq.com

Please Spread the word

I will keep updateing this if they change their discord name
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Can confirmed that they contacted me via joining my Discord Minecraft server and messaged all of my staff that were admins (myself included, being the owner) offering new a new server hosting service. I declined it, as I've been happily using the same software for a year, and was just recently upgraded to an i9-9900k.

05/30/2019 12:54 am
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Yea just dont trust them they are going to pay via paypal and say it is safer. But love the processor
05/22/2019 6:49 am
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I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. FYI, Discord users can change their names easily, so giving their usernames doesn't help much. What would help is naming the hosting service they were trying to offer so people can avoid that scam company. Wherever they are advertising their company, you should contact the owners of that site and let them know to take down their posts and accounts because they scammed you.
05/24/2019 4:46 am
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