New Java Edition Community Website! (minecraftmaps.com alternative)

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CrazyCowMM started 03/23/2020 1:04 am history
and replied 03/27/2020 1:58 pm

For the past few months I've been hard at work developing a brand new site for people to post Minecraft Java Edition content. This site is mainly meant as an alternative to minecraftmaps.com as it is meant to feature approved content only.

My goal with the site is to provide a great place for people to both host and find content and am aiming to be very interactive with the community, which is why I'm asking for your help.

The site is not ready to fully launch quite yet, however I would like some of your guy's feedback on how it works, looks, etc.

You can visit the site @ https://www.mccreations.net/

Feel free to submit dummy content to test out the submission tools and/or create an account to try out some of the features that are specific to accounts only like editing content and some basic metrics.

Leave suggestions and how you feel here, or dm me on Discord @ CrazyCowMM#1100

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03/27/2020 1:58 pmhistory
Level 45 : Master Cowboy
Alright I've made some large-ish changes to the site since the last time I posted this so I wanted to refresh the topic.

  • You can now suggest Categories on the submission page.
  • Categories will no longer appear on the submission page until you have selected a type
  • Upload and delete buttons on the submission page are now disabled until there is something to upload or delete
  • Download Button on content pages now direct downloads maps, clicking on the content itself will take you to it's page.
  • Improved search no longer shows content that is not of the same type (Datapacks appearing on the maps page etc.)
  • You can now search for maps in a specific version
  • Selecting all in the categories dropdown will now no longer also cause the page to show the other two types of content
  • If a submission has no images the image gallery will no longer display at the bottom.
03/26/2020 11:43 am
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Thank you!
03/23/2020 2:40 am
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Time to invade with my 2 datapacks
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