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New way of donating? Do not know if I should trust it.

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created 10/01/2013 2:46 pm by iltkamil
last reply 10/01/2013 2:52 pm
So this morning I was looking around on planetminecraft and looking at one of the servers I play on. There was a comment saying that the owner should use something called "Minevey" which is like a new way of donating as I saw when I looked it up. Its a website where you put your server on it and you set up donation ranks, item giving, and executing server commands on this website. In order for people to get stuff they have to watch videos, do surveys, and other simple things and they earn credits. You use these credits to get server stuff and then the owner gets payed real money when someone does.
I personally thought this was cool, but then I thought of all the outcomes of this. For 1 people can easily get ranks and other stuff or find a way around the watching video stuff and just get stuff easily. Or whether this website should be trusted and the plugin you get. I tried looking up some reviews on this but nothing was found but a bukkit post saying that a person tried to get in touch with the developers but every time he left a comment or tried to get in touch he would always be rejected and the comments would be deleted.
There is also no contact information on there website which makes things look suspicious and I don't know whether or not to trust this or not. I have not installed there plugin because I'm scared if this is a scam to get into peoples servers. So I want to know if anyone else is familiar with this or if they can find anything out about this.
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10/01/2013 2:50 pm
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I wouldn't trust it - Even if it is legit, it could easily be taken advantage of.. You probably don't make very much per view, either, so you'd have all these people on this website for hours, just trying to get a new rank, rather than spending time on your server.
10/01/2013 2:52 pm
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That's a good point. I've never thought of that.

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