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Pex Plugin Dev needed (Reward)

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created 07/26/2016 4:15 am by Flaming_Dorito
last reply 07/27/2016 10:37 am
Even if you Know the basics of coding for the PeX Plugin pls join the maniac network
The rewards are a Developer Prefix and a MANIAC Crate key.

Also, if you know essentials coding or votifier server connections.

Submit a staff aplication and you might get staff as well.

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07/27/2016 10:37 am
Level 24 : Expert Blockhead
If I gave him the benefit of the doubt, I would say he could mean folks who can literally change the code inside the plugin, below the config level, for much more customization.

That said, such a dev would be a real dev, and real devs either do things by generosity (extremely rare and usually not the good ones) or because they get something real. A little in-game items key and a prefix doesn't do anything for someone who codes.

Telling any such dev that may come here to submit an additional application to become a staff member after they already outperform a majority of the server community by the above standards sort of adds insult to injury and makes it less likely to find such a person.

So what you would be getting at best expectation would be a config guy, at which point, my suggestion is simply learning it yourself. An owner who can't do configs, and if configs are all you're looking for... doesn't speak very well.
07/26/2016 5:45 am
Level 1 : New Taco
What you're looking for is called "Config boi".
You can usually pay Config bois with ingame stuff, but don't expect real java developers to take the bait.
07/26/2016 5:23 am
Level 29 : Expert Toast
I don't think you know what a developer is or what we do…

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