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Please rate server idea!

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created 03/31/2014 8:26 pm by volderman
Hello I have this idea so the server is Skyblock but here is where the differences are. There are airships. You can build them on your island and fly them around for the fun of it as well as travel to a friends island that way. I would like to use the plugin CraftBook. This plugin adds so many cool things. Here are just a few examples pipes, bridges, cauldrons, chairs, gates, exp storers and more. This is a plugin not a mod so you can just join and play. We would also have events as well as quests! If you guys could rate this idea that would be nice. Also if you have any idea to improve this don't be afraid to mention it! Thanks Cauldron Bridges ... itting.png chairs pipes ... 1378436366 Airships
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