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Preparing for something BIG - "Fixing Minecraft"

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created 09/20/2013 4:38 am by Cpt. Corn
last reply 09/20/2013 5:32 am
So for the past few days, I've been trying to synthesize a giant post that compiles all of my ideas and perceived changes for Minecraft. However, this compilation of ideas is not meant to add on to what we already have, but to get this game from out of the gutter and make it great again. And possibly better than the old days of Beta 1.7.3.

My question is whether or not you guys want it to be displayed in a narrative form with chapters that would be both enlightening and entertaining, or if I should create a cohesive list format that lays out everything that should be changed?

So far, I've put in over 2000 words just to address a few concepts, which include spawn, world/biome generation and biome color, the re-imagining of villages and fixing the exploits of the bed, while discussing some iconic elements of the game. All of these topics are discussed in three chapters, with each of them separated into their own spoiler, but considering the amount of ideas I have, I do not have an accurate prediction as to how long this post will be. Yet the presentation does look pretty good.

And then there is the list format where I would try to go from topic to topic, and quickly discussing how it could be changed for the better while showing some overlap so that other concepts can build off of previously discussed ones. This format is ideal for modders, I would imagine, since all ideas are played out quickly and efficiently.

I might do a compromise where I both formats are used, except the narrative will be up front and the list will be a downloadable or simply featured as a spoiler in the bottom as a kind of TL;DR version, but again, I do not know, which is why I've come to you for a little assurance...
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Cpt. Corn
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09/20/2013 5:12 am
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List format, much more cool,
Petition, a cool looking tweet button that allows us to quickly tweet to jeb about changes?
09/20/2013 5:32 am
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Cpt. Corn
Sounds reasonable...

But if you really wanted to tweet to jeb, you could try upvoting my post when I get it on reddit. Jeb is supposed to look at these, I think. So it might work.
09/20/2013 5:09 am
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Support. Didn't even have to read it xD

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