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Project Xadia - A survival minecraft server!

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created 08/19/2019 6:15 pm by Monovo history
last reply 08/22/2019 12:47 am
Hi there! Monovo here <3
My friend Xeroza and I have started a survival minecraft server! We currently are looking for members to be active with. As a quick statement, I have some information to let you know.

Story - We originally wanted to start the server for ourselves. After a bit of thinking, we really wanted to add players to the server so that we could make some lovely friends and create some wondrous friendships!

Background - Unfortunately... we haven't had much luck. The players we had added were quite inactive. They were older and had busy lives, we couldn't really blame them. Now I'm giving this one last chance! I'm making a few forum posts and hoping for some great responses!

Thank you for listening! Now I will let you know the criteria for me to let you join!

  • You must have a PC minecraft account. (If it was not obvious)
  • We prefer for our players to be older than 14... but if you think you're mature enough then please, go ahead and reply! I will be interviewing everyone here for a fair chance <3
  • We have basic respect rules set in place. We don't want players to be insulting our other players
  • As well as respect, we don't want you to be griefing or stealing from other players. Unless you ask them directly, we do not tolerate liars or thieves.
  • You have free reign to build whatever you want, go wherever you want, and mine wherever you want! Please respect our open world and do not destroy it completely!
  • Help each other out! There's no point in ignoring others and disrespecting your fellow players... this is a community server! Let's play together!

These are the criteria for you to join! If you're interesting please either respond to the post or private message me!
Please leave your age, minecraft background, and your discord in your reply and I will get back to you as soon as I can!
Thank you so much and have a wonderful day <3

-Monovo ~
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08/19/2019 6:22 pm
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I'll join

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