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San Juan Puerto Rico Minecraft map

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created 02/17/2015 2:21 pm by Zman112002
Hi, I have been building a project on one of my games and I need someone to help build San Juan Puerto Rico. I am building the Disney Fantasy and I am only about 56% complete after 1 year so far. I am also adding my personal mods into it but will make a different version to post on PMC. If someone or some people could help build this I would be very thankful and give full access to my builds before I post them. (I haven't posted any projects yet but will in the next 1-3 months or so!) You may also find a few surprises that come along with help building San Juan. And if you want to have the modded boat then just leave a comment saying if you want the modded boat.

Here are a few pics:,gXlyF9m,JW7hQIf,XmoY5sA,eoZwPJh,27zHy3Q,WDJfakp Just click through the pages on it.

Some credit goes to this one guy (sorry, cant remember his name, ill get it up soon) because I saw his Disney Dream and he gave me the idea and I made it. I also looked at his world and found out where blocks were suppost to be, but th rest was made by me.
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