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SEMA - The Ultimate Melon Farm

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created 10/17/2011 11:25 pm by SokarEntertainment
Whatup Everyone!

My good friend Keralis thought you guys on this forum would like to know about my latest invention, and I guess its a good way of introducing myself to this place aswell So here goes:

What I want to share with you, is something that took me and a good friend of mine, EDTA, a long time to tinker out. It is a very compact Melon/Pumpkin farm, that completely eliminates the tilling process altogether, and lets you harvest whenever you want by the push of a button. We call it SEMA (Sokar and EDTA's Melon Automate)

Here's a list of Pros and Cons:


- Scalable: Meaning you can expand this in direction, and easily wire it together ot get as much loot as you want.

- Harvest on demand: By the push of one button, you can harvest everything, have it come to you through water channels.

- No re-tilling: Resets requires no tilling, you simply push another button (or put timer to the harvest button, I'll show this in my LP), and its ready to start producing melons again.

- Compact!: For the amount of control you get with this, you get a considerably better yield the any other melon farm of its kind (mean any other automatic farm). 4 stems within a 10x10x8 area

- Its CHEAP!: Basically it only takes 3 pistons, 2 repeaters, and 14 redstone pr stem.


- Loss of harvest: It has a 4-5% loss of yield, because it ever so often leaves a melon slice on the stem block.

- Direction: You have to build this along the X-axis. More specifically you have to make my tilled dirt block align with the BUD Switch Piston along the X-axis.


Now on balance, if you like making your future better, easier, and more convenient, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The whole thing has been thoroughly tested. In my test world I have copied up to 400 of these modules, and activated at least 300 of them by the recording of this video. At no point did the dirt block get un-tilled, and its through that testing that I came to conclusion that it had a 4-5% loss of yield.

Anyways I hope you'll find it useful and enjoyable, it took quite some time to design and make. It's definitely the setup I'll be using in the future!

(Also, in case you don't hear me say it in the video. The Yield of showcase in the beginning has be tempered with, to adequately show what 7 modules, each consisting of 4 cells, will yield AT MINIMUM once the melon slice bug gets fixed in the next pre-release/update)
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