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Server quest ideas.

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created 09/15/2019 10:13 am by _OKRA
Hi, i recently opened a new minecraft server and had a few good ideas i thought would be good for my server. Would you guys mind telling me if you would okay it or how good you think it is?

- My first idea was a underground survival. Basically we would set the world surface into bedrock so they would spawn and live underground. There would be about 4 different districts that you can /warp to, but after that you can dig your way out and build you base. I also forgot to mention that you would spawn with essentials like, saplings, seed, tools, a little wood, and torches.

- Number two, I had the idea to make a plugin to add Daily, Weekly, and Monthly quest. I don't know if there is any remade plugins for that but, the person I made the server with is a major in c++ and said he can make us plugins

How likely would you play those servers and any suggestions?
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