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Semaphorism started 08/14/2014 12:34 pm
and replied 08/14/2014 1:03 pm
I have been thinking, we don't really have a specific percentage that we should follow of players to staff, so why not discuss what is best for the server? Also maybe we should come up with a good way for people to begin a server. I find that to many servers start off with a ton of staff, and almost no players. I don't think any owner can't run a small server with up to 10 people on at a time, unless all the players are really demanding, and/or keep asking for help.

Basically, from what I can think of, Say a server has 50 players on average, I would say a good math algorithm is
math.ceil((Players / 20)*1.10) = 3
- math.ceil means to round the number to the next whole number. (That algorithm could be used in Lua)
That would be a good number of staff to players in my opinion. So assuming out of the 50 players, there are 3 staff among them. which puts it about 6% of the players, I personally think a server could manage that, depending on the server.

Here are some other calculations using that algorithm.
300 players - 17 staff - ~5% of the players. I would say 17 staff for 300 people online would be good.
20 players - 2 staff - 10% of the players.

Now remember, these calculations are only based on players at the time, so assuming the staff are not on 24/7, they would need more than that.
Lets say each staff stays on for 3 hours a day, that would put it that each of those amount of staff have to be multiplied by 8, but then we would also have to factor in the night time players, which are generally lower.

Maybe I am over-thinking it, but I think we should have a non-required standard that servers could follow to become better.
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08/14/2014 12:43 pm
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I agree, on my servers I always did a ratio of admin:players, and the ratio was in between 1:10-12. I felt like 10-12 was a good amount for an admin to handle.

also, people need to stop with the applications to be OP, you're only gonna get younger kids that way.
08/14/2014 1:03 pm
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I agree, though I would say between 10-20, depending on the server.

Applications are becoming ridiculous too, I see people applying for co-owner, and head-admin all the time, and all honesty, I didn't even use staff applications when I first started my server 2-3 years ago. The best way to get staff (From my experience), is to observe the players, and pick the ones who haven't been staff before, and never asked about it.

One thing I find is people who have never been staff are usually the better staff, rather than these people going around saying they've been staff on tons of servers.
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