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Sign this Petition to Stop the EULA

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created 04/30/2016 6:39 pm by CanadianHatchet
last reply 04/30/2016 10:32 pm
Sign this Petition to stop the EULA from ruining Minecarft! You DO have a voice in this matter, we all do! This is Our game! This is ITS future! ... -from-eula
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42 replies

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04/30/2016 6:52 pm
Level 28 : Expert Engineer
It seems weird to me that people have been aware of the EULA since it was changed, consciously disregarded it, and then freaked out when Mojang decided to enforce it. The way I see it, people are lucky it took this long. It is definitely reasonable to allow Mojang to enforce their own EULA.

Go ahead and sign if you want, maybe you'll convince them to change their minds. But honestly, I don't see much change happening. The time to really protest this has long since past. This whole outcry just feels like a knee-jerk reaction from people who won't be able to P2W anymore.
04/30/2016 6:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
This is an outcry from players that want to see servers such as TheArchon and GotPvP live on. WIth out an income, these servers would be frozen in time, unable to move foward
04/30/2016 7:40 pm
Level 28 : Expert Engineer
I've never played on either of these servers (In fact, before today I'd never even heard of them), so I don't really know much about how they made money. The fact remains that the EULA in its current state does allow servers to make money by selling things in game, provided they don't give players an advantage. This means they would still be able to sell donator ranks, cosmetic items, as well as pets or hats or whatever it is servers sell to people. If these servers were blocked it's likely because they broke that policy (i.e. allowing players to buy stronger weapons, faster movement in a PvP game, or something similar), but would probably be able to change how they operate and be brought back online, and still make enough money to keep running.

Regardless of whether or not you think Mojang is right to suddenly block these systems or how popular the servers are/were is irrelevant at this point. The policy has been established for a long time, and Mojang has the right to enforce it.
04/30/2016 7:20 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Gent
Are you aware if those servers were made before the EULA, or if the EULA was first? If the EULA was first, then it's their own fault that they're about to get blacklisted. If the servers came first, then either they'd be grandfathered in (not held under the same rules until a change in the server happens), or Mojang would just put it under the same rules. Any way you slice it, it's these server's fault for breaking the EULA.

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