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Simple Iron Golem Farm Not Working

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created 09/14/2018 1:22 am by DreadedCoconut
last reply 09/14/2018 9:20 pm
I made a pretty simple Iron Golem Farm that should populate itself once I have 2 villagers and at least 1 of them can farm. I've made farms like this before (even another in this world) but this new one doesn't seem to work. I have the 2 villagers and they will not breed. I've left them in there for a few hours at least.

I've thrown dozens of beetroots at each of the 2 Villagers by hand. I have uneven amounts of "Sky Access" on either side of roughly 40 doors in a square.
I've confirmed if I uproot all the crops the Shepherd will replant. I've traded with both Villagers within 3-4 blocks of each other.
So they should be in a "Village" and should be "Willing" due to excess food. Anyone see something I'm missing?

Where the black glass is, I'll be adding water currents to push Golems down the middle. But for now I'm leaving the glass in place so I can keep an eye on the Villagers' Breeding (or lack thereof).

Screen Caps are causing problems. Link to Imgur Gallery:
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09/14/2018 9:20 pm
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After 8-10 hours of this being loaded in the world over a few IRL days.... the villagers FINALLY bred. I guess the "village detection" was delayed for an unusually long time for unknown reasons.

I believe I saw a similar thread where someone else's villager breeder or iron farm had the same issue and mysteriously started working after several hours. I'm guessing there's some bug in 1.13.1 or something.
09/14/2018 2:16 am
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no idea how to fix, sorry mate




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