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Survival Games Hit Range Mess up!!

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created 03/31/2014 4:22 pm by bloxman1000
last reply 03/31/2014 4:28 pm
hello there i am Zzyxz_O_Bot and i am a big fan of the survival games mini game on minecraft servers. but i have recently ran into a HUGE problem!

it seems my range on hitting people hit the normal But, everyone else its doubled they are all able to hit me from insanely long range with melee weapons i don't know if anyone else has come across this but if there is a way to fix it please! let me know.

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03/31/2014 4:28 pm
Level 40 : Master Mage
Survival games is a great idea, but unfortunately many players will use modified (or "Hacked") clients, which allow them to do things that would be normally impossible. For example, climbing a wall as if it was a ladder (or as if you were a spider), reaching further than normally possible, automatically hitting players and monsters within a certain range and the list goes on.

Fortunately for you and all of us who do play fairly, these few people will get banner sooner or later because there are plugins to detect this. If you catch anyone "Hacking", take a screenshot and report it to a moderator because in the long run, it is worth it.

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