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Teenager skins are overused and bad

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created 06/09/2016 2:32 pm by Weremany
last reply 06/09/2016 2:35 pm
Question, how many times have you joined a server and seen about 10 people with identical looking skins?
I've seen this too many times.

Being a person who makes their own skins, i find extremely disappointing when I see ton of people in servers wearing the exact same, badly made and emo skin.
Skins are meant to represent you in the game. They're meant to creative ways of showing how you are unique. Using teenager skins and girl skins is just plain lazy.

And if you say some people cant make their own skins, I have a friend who just made his first truly custom skin and it looks great, because he put effort into it.

So to those who use teenager and girl skins, get your lazy butt on Nova skin and make your own skin instead of using trash.
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06/09/2016 2:35 pm
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There's already a rant post about this up. Please use that one.


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