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The 31(and x) Most Essential Steps to Killing the Ender Dra

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created 02/26/2015 12:43 am by SheedoPlayz
Hello minecrafters!

Here are the most important steps to killing the Ender Dragon. Please keep in mind that I am only listing the very essential steps; the steps that you can never kill the Ender Dragon without. For example, making a sword, or any other weapon, is extremely significant to kill the Ender Dragon, however, it is not listed below since you can, although it takes a while, kill it with your fist. I am also assuming that the reader knows all the recipes required to crafting the items used. For example, to make a crafting table, I would say: Get wood, make a crafting table, instead of, get wood, turn them into planks, and make a crafting table. So, without further ado, let me introduce to you the 31(and x) most essential steps to killing the Ender Dragon:

1. Get wood.
2. Make a crafting table.
3. Get wood.
4. Make a wooden pickaxe.
5. Get cobblestone.
6. Get wood.
7. Make a stone pickaxe.
8. Get iron.
9. Get cobblestone.
10. Make a furnace.
11. Get coal.
12. Smelt the iron.
13. Get wood.
14. Make an iron pickaxe.
15. Get diamonds.
16. Get wood.
17. Make a diamond pickaxe.
18. Get obsidian.
19. Get iron.
20. Get Coal.
21. Smelt the iron.
22. Get flint.
23. Make flint and steel.
24. Build the nether portal.
25. Get blaze rods.
26. Get ender pearls.
27. Make eyes of ender.
28. Look for the end portal.
29. Activate the end portal.
30. Destroy the ender crystals.
31. Kill the Ender Dragon.
x. Have food whenever needed.

It is possible to kill the Ender Dragon without having food and that is why it can be excluded from the list, however, because of its beyond extreme importance, I thought I would add it as an x step.

I would be more than happy to hear your opinions about the list.
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