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The Case For The Newbie Player

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created 02/18/2019 12:53 pm by Andarius68
Most server owners out there put out ads saying they are looking for experienced builders and seasoned staff or developers and I get that. There is definitely a great deal of advantage to be had in experienced help and players but with that you also get a pretty significant percentage of people who are rather jaded and perhaps, whether they are ready to admit it to themselves or not, people who are getting bored with Minecraft in general. The nice thing about the newcomer to the world of Minecraft is that they still have that sense of awe and wonder about the game. Rather than "Oh, you're using this, this and this plugin. Ok. Seen that before. Ho hum." You get "Oh wow! I just got paid for killing that mob and it dropped a head I can keep as a trophy! You mean I can start my own town with the money I make too?" Which is a much more enjoyable experience for anyone running a game to see. Now, I am not by any means saying that we shouldn't be innovative and taking the game in new directions so it stays fresh and mysterious, that is definitely a goal we should all strive for. But I am saying, don't forget about the newbies. It is a wonderful thing to watch someone fall in love with the game you've loved for years. Seek out the people who have shunned Minecraft because they thought it was just some goofy kids game and show them what else it has the potential to be. Seek out the RPGers, the first person shooters and strategy gamers and show them something they might have been missing. There are over 7.5 billion people on earth and only about 150 million of them have tried Minecraft so far. There's still room for growth.
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