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The REAL Story of the Enderman...

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created 10/15/2018 10:58 pm by iNoahDaniel
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(This all came from a conversation on a server). This is my theory on the Enderman's backstory.

The Enderman, as you know, is a tall black figure with purple eyes. But what if It's more than that..?

You know how, when you are in singleplayer, there are no humans around? The story is that Endermen are former humans. They are victims, not intended to kill you. They kill out of insanity, sadness, and madness. They were infected with a disease called the Purple Glow, PG or TPG for short. You know you're infected when your eyes have a purple glow. The symptoms are:

1. Burning skin
2. Vision makes everything inverted (which you can see in spectator mode if you left click an enderman)
3. Purple glowing eyes
4. Elongated limbs
5. Abnormal speed

That's right, Endermen don't teleport. They have super speed. They can also pick up blocks, like humans. They do this because they want to hang on to their sanity, appear human.

Now for the portal.

You need eyes of enders to activate the portal, correct? You make eyes of enders with ender pearls. You get ender pearls by killing Endermen. The portal is literally a ritual. You are using sacrifices to activate the portal, which activates the crystals.

The Enderdragon.

The portal activates the crystals. The crystals now have the Endermen particles in it. The crystals heal the Enderdragon.
The Enderdragon uses Endermen as its slaves. Who else builds the obsidian towers you see in the End that hold the crystals?
So back to the crystals.
They have remains of Endermen inside. The Enderdragon feeds on its slaves.
So about the dragon's breath. This whole disease is started if you inhale the breath of the Enderdragon. The breath is purple, because, it all goes back to the Purple Glow.

Why do they hate water and lava then?

Since their skin is burnt, being in lava basically makes them die. Being in water dissolves their skin. Easy.

The broken CD.
If you look at the sound waves of the broken CD, it makes a literal Steve face. In the broken CD, you hear a man coughing. Coughing from the disease. You also hear the flipping of pages. Trying to find a cure. Then you hear the breaking of blocks. Trying to escape.

Then you hear the noise of an Enderman.

Happy Spooktober!


Credits to: Ryxis39, EdwaDude, and iNoahDaniel
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10/17/2018 6:40 am
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But how do you explain the existence of the endermite?




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