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Thoughts on Skyblock(original,3 or 4)

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created 04/23/2019 5:22 pm by romeosierra13
last reply 04/23/2019 10:47 pm
Simple question really
In terms of gameplay what do you think about skyblock and the attempts to update it .
what problems do you have with each ,what did they do well ?What would you change or add ?
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04/23/2019 10:47 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
Ok I’ll start, like the old saying goes “ give a man a fish he will eat for day , teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime “ the original gave you the fishing rod and told you go fish . With the new mechanics in 1.14 namely the wandering trader , you can breathe new life into this genre , he gives , saplings , red sandstone , quartz blocks , even coral and all the pesky plants too , unlocking a world or possibilities albeit at an expensive cost , and with limited means for production, it becomes a balancing act of where to focus . Although , he does trade podzol...Speaking of the plants , specifically melon ,pumpkin ,cane and cacti .need we receive them early ?especially since zombies drop both carrots and potatoes and with the new composters getting early wheat production going hasn’t been easier ! Another new mechanic we should be paying attention to is the hero of the village , which gives renewable clay . No longer are we limited to stone , snow and oak . There are still the unobtainable concretes but is it that important with the clay and terra-cotta being available . A big limiting factor is the lack of a renewable quartz ore , limiting most red stone devices to be without daylight sensors and observers . In a way I can see how this fits the theme , skyblock is about how amazing the simple can be .maybe fully automatic farms don’t fit ...
All in all , I think the addition of a small amount of quartz ore , some soulsand and nether wart , a berry and access to the end is all that is truely needed to update the old faithful map .
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