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villager breeder broken down? help?

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created 12/28/2014 4:06 pm by jmh44
So basically i was afking on my SMP server at my villager farm to get some villagers for a shop, but it stopped working when i came back from being afk i had realized a zombie got in and killed off 5 villagers in one unit and the villager sitting in the minecart that has the 6 doors around it. No big deal around an hour later i piped in 5 more villagers with a new farmer in that unit and got a new villager to sit in the mini village 6 blocks above their heads. But it stopped working, i didn't change anything about it. they just keep harvesting their crops but it doesn't look like they want to trade each other. I also noticed that the village (the one with 6 doors 6 blocks above the unit's heads) had spawned 2 iron golems in around 20 mins. That had never happened before and I'm not sure what's going on. here's a picture of my set up

I added more doors to the village 6 blocks above them thinking that would work but it didn't :/

they also are going to the corners closest to the fake village 6 blocks above them at night time like they're trying to enter it. Not sure why :/
there was a door going into my sugar cane farm around 15 blocks away and that one door some how managed to mess everything up, i changed it to a trap door and everything is better now -.- jeez.....
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