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Herobrine Spawn Location - Scariest Moment of Minecraft!

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created 07/29/2017 3:08 am by Pika Punch
So I made a survival single player world so I could just play and mess around but the actual place I spawned made everything so creepy. It was that everything had a duplicate and in sections. You would look to your left and find a mountain with a block of flowers then next to it a block full of sheep. Then you would look in front of you and a straight line of grass separated a desert and a plains biome. Which wasn't normal. Then I looked to my right, saw 2 different types of trees and then the same amount of wolves as sheep. But the wolves did not attack the sheep. I stepped forward and my game lagged as 2 spots of lava were next to each other. It was a bit further away from the sheep and the flowers. I was creeped out but went on a quest to find a village. As I was going I went into the desert. There was a lava pool but inside of it, I found a Steve looking figure that had eyes like Herobrine. He burned and disappeared. Then I died and my message was Player _____ died from magic or something like that. But there was no witch nearby and it was daylight. But the scariest part was when I clicked respawn, my game crashed and pressed the X button by itself. I didn't play minecraft for a while after that happened. For about 1 hour. Then I built a minecraft Adventure map and had no signs of anything.

Thanks for reading this, if you have anything like this please comment. This creeped me out way too much. Even though my minecraft runs like poop crashing and dying of Magic and crash report was just a bunch of stuff like java. It said it crashed because particles didn't load correctly. Please share similar stories in comments section or in your own post.
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