What are some of the small things in texture packs that you remember being special?

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This is a bit of a nostalgia-oriented question, but some of you might have a something like this impact you to this day.

I remember back when I was getting into Minecraft I watched a lot of videos so that I could learn to better play the game, and at some point, I became interested in texture packs. I spent a bunch of time looking at different texture packs messing around with them and seeing some showcases. I'll be surprised if I ever manage to forget the first time I saw a change to the bed texture that made the blanket into a creeper face. I spent so long trying to find a texture pack that had it, and for some reason, it took me a long time to get there.

There are also small changes that I remember seriously impressed me. For example, I remember a texture pack called LazeCraft which went with the idea that its to help you be a bit lazier. It would make ores solid color blocks so they'd stand out and things of that nature. The thing that impressed me the most though was the brewing stand. Inside the brewing stand UI, it would tell you what items to put in to create certain potions. This isn't much of a nostalgic memory since by that point I had already known the game just as well as I do now, apart from the game being on a previous version.

I also remember seeing a video that had a dog with sunglasses, and I remember it amused me so much I spent a similar amount of time as I did with the creeper bed to find it. that eventually lead me to a texture pack called painterly which has its own website, and you can customize it to pick the textures you want.

The place where I consistently see textures like these are part of a modular texture pack similar to painterly in the way you can choose what you want on it called Vanilla Tweaks.

I would really love to see what the community has to say about textures like these whether they make the game easier, add a quirk that left some sort of impact or just add a nice tweak that deserves a small note to be appreciated.
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06/26/2019 8:58 am
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I haven't heard of the dog with the sunglasses. But painterly isn't updated to the new versions, is it?
06/30/2019 3:14 pm
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No, it hasn't been updated, but if its something you want you can always find it in the files, and replace the texture in a texture pack you use, but that's not exactly the point of the thread.

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