What's the build your most proud of?

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created 05/22/2019 5:24 am by Its_Kelo
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At the moment I'm working on a republic base, heavily under construction though, so in the mean while I built something I've always wanted to. A Republic Venator class Star Destroyer!

What build are you most proud of?
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I mean I'm proud of a big paint bucket I built once.. (it wasn't that big but it took a little while to make)

I switched computers so now I don't have the world it was in or the screenshot I had taken of it

but considering I normally don't build anything circular or stuff close to that I was pretty proud of it..

but like I said, I switched computers so now I'll never be able to see it ever again (My old PC is garbage and shuts down frequently because it's so old.. :/)

It's not as good as everyone else's stuff but you know lol
05/25/2019 12:21 pm
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Honestly, I know this sounds stupid, and to make matters worse I'm a pretty good builder, but the build I'm most proud of, is:

A skyscraper made solely out if iron blocks. ._.

BUT, I have a few reasons to be proud of it.

1: I built it to the sky limit, and it was fairly wide around.

2: I built it on Pocket Edition, WAY before crappy Bedrock Edition came out.

3: I did it alone.

4: It only took me about 90 minutes, with some floors having detailed (or what I thought was detailed when I was 10) interior.

5: I was 10. ._.

It got blown up by creepers later. :C
05/25/2019 11:30 am
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05/25/2019 10:32 am
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I feel like I develop an attachment with any build that I do. I quite like the Bramall Lane one that I'm currently doing, but I think that the one I'm most proud of would be my University of Bolton Stadium. It took me three years and two months to complete and has completely furnished interiors. The fact no one else has ever built it makes it that much more special to me

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