What’s the difference between ray tracing and shaders?

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9/8/2019 6:15 am
What the title says ^.^
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09/08/2019 6:15 am
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ray tracing it render tehnic or we can say it light direction to object or shading so its same shaders it cover all render tehnic ray tracing it only pieces of render tehnic and it totally different
09/05/2019 8:01 pm
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Ray tracing, by it's name, means that it's a lighting method that "traces the rays" of light from it's source. Ray tracing can be used in shaders to make lighting very realistic.
09/05/2019 7:13 pm
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Shaders may include Ray Tracing, but Ray Tracing is not always in Shaders. Ray Tracing makes it easier for games to realistically portray lighting. Shaders are programs you can run through the OptiFine mod to adjust how light works.
09/05/2019 6:25 pm
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Basically shaders give light a direction to create a dynamic and realistic effect. Ray tracing gives light weight as well as direction, it calculates how the light should react when hitting a material and where it should go after that.

So after light hits, for example, water, it'll reflect around the room, maybe light the walls slightly and also refract against the water.

The biggest difference is how light interacts with itself. If you shine two beams of light through different transparent materials, such as coloured glass, the colours will mix and make the colour its supposed to, just like how real light reacts. It's heavily demanding which is why an rtx graphics card is needed for the calculations of the shader and lighting effects.
09/05/2019 6:13 pm
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I think ray tracing might be more complex, but I'm not sure. Ray tracing involves the program calculating the directions of light waves, while a shader simply adds shadows, reflections, and things like that. I'm not an expert by any means, but that's at least what I've understood from reading about it.
09/05/2019 7:26 pm
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and from what you just said youre still not sure if its more complex?
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