Why isn't Antiqua here?

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DreamBliss started 07/05/2018 5:52 am
and replied 07/06/2018 3:05 pm
So I am going through the book 101 Awesome Builds, and I find a mention of a map named Satine's Palace by Antiqua. Up to now I can find everyone in the book here at Planet Minecraft. There was a link to this user, but it says the account was deleted :/ The only place I could find her work was the Minecraft forums.

Anyone know what's going on?
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07/05/2018 9:01 pm
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we dont give details on the ins and outs of users on our site, if they are no longer here, that is thier own buisiness

the map however is still on the minecraft forums

07/06/2018 3:05 pm
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You misunderstood. I would never ask for personal details. I just wanted to know if something had happened here between this user and Planet Minecraft, that the community knows about. If the community knows about it, it is public, not personal, knowledge. Just want to know the public scoop on this, if there even is one. If there is not that's fine.

I know it's not any of my business. I was asking purely from curiosity. I figured since curiosity only kills cats, I should be safe...
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