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[1.12/Optifine][Windows10] All servers say "Can't connect to server"

submitted 08/13/2017 1:52 pm by Blewburries
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I've been having issues with mc since yesterday. I just recently fixed a freezing issue on my computer and after I fixed it MC started acting up. Whenever I started it, I'd go into multiplayer and every server I have says "Can't connect to server". I thought that was weird so I restarted mc and it still said it, so I restarted my computer, no dice. I even reinstalled mc with no luck. I'll give a detailed list of what exactly I did before fixing my computer up til this point.
So I've had my computer for around 4 months now. Here's what I'm working with:

  • HP Pavillion Desktop 570-p014
  • AMD Processor, AMD A10-9700 Radeon R7
  • RAM 8 GB
  • Running Java 1.8.0_144
  • I know I need more info here but I can't find it under system info my bad ;-;
And here's what all I've done leading up to and after the issue:
  • Computer was freezing periodically for a few seconds so I booted up the diagnostic testing by shutting it off and hitting f2
  • Ran tests on hard drive, memory, ram, etc. All passed
  • Computer is now running fine, no freezing at all so far
  • Booted up MC and saw I had this new issue
  • Restarted mc, then computer, still nothing
  • Restarted modem, nothing
  • DNS Flushed, nothing
  • Reinstalled MC, nothing
I also tried to join a server to see what it said. Here's a screenshot:

Here's the latest mc log (couldn't find a crash log cuz, well, I didn't crash):
MC Log
[12:00:07] [main/INFO]: Loading tweak class name optifine.OptiFineTweaker
[12:00:07] [main/INFO]: Using primary tweak class name optifine.OptiFineTweaker
[12:00:07] [main/INFO]: Calling tweak class optifine.OptiFineTweaker
[12:00:08] [main/INFO]: Launching wrapped minecraft {net.minecraft.client.main.Main}
[12:00:08] [main/INFO]: Setting user: Blewburries
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] *** Reflector Forge ***
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.model.Attributes
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: mods.betterfoliage.client.BetterFoliageClient
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.asm.transformers.BlamingTransformer
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.event.world.ChunkWatchEvent$UnWatch
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.fml.relauncher.CoreModManager
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.common.DimensionManager
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.GuiScreenEvent$DrawScreenEvent$Pre
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.GuiScreenEvent$DrawScreenEvent$Post
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.EntityViewRenderEvent$CameraSetup
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.EntityViewRenderEvent$FogColors
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.EntityViewRenderEvent$RenderFogEvent
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.eventhandler.Event
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.eventhandler.EventBus
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.eventhandler.Event$Result
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.common.property.ExtendedBlockState
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.fml.client.FMLClientHandler
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: anf.getWaterColorMultiplier
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.addDestroyEffects
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.addHitEffects
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.canCreatureSpawn
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.canRenderInLayer
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.doesSideBlockRendering
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.getBedDirection
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.getExtendedState
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.getLightOpacity
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.getLightValue
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.getSoundType
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.hasTileEntity
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.isAir
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.isBed
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.isBedFoot
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: aou.isSideSolid
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: anb.isSideSolid
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ve.canRiderInteract
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Field not present: ve.captureDrops
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Field not present: ve.capturedDrops
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ve.shouldRenderInPass
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ve.shouldRiderSit
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.event.ForgeEventFactory
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.common.ForgeHooks
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.ForgeHooksClient
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Field not present: ail.delegate
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ail.getDurabilityForDisplay
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ail.getRGBDurabilityForDisplay
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ail.onEntitySwing
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ail.shouldCauseReequipAnimation
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ail.showDurabilityBar
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: bvy.handleItemState
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: agt.hasOverlay
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ajd.getRecordResource
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: bhw.setKeyConflictContext
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: bhw.setKeyModifierAndCode
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: bhw.getKeyModifier
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.common.ForgeModContainer
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ux.shouldRenderHUD
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ux.renderHUDEffect
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: uy.isCurativeItem
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: avh.canRenderBreaking
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: avh.getRenderBoundingBox
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: avh.hasFastRenderer
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: avh.shouldRenderInPass
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: cdz$b.preDraw
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: cdz$b.postDraw
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ams.countEntities
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ams.getPerWorldStorage
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ams.initCapabilities
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ayk.getCloudRenderer
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ayk.getSkyRenderer
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Method not present: ayk.getWeatherRenderer
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.fml.client.GuiModList
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.common.property.IExtendedBlockState
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.model.IModel
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.IRenderHandler
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.ItemModelMesherForge
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.settings.KeyConflictContext
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.settings.KeyModifier
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.model.pipeline.LightUtil
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.common.MinecraftForge
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.MinecraftForgeClient
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.model.ModelLoader
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.gui.NotificationModUpdateScreen
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.RenderBlockOverlayEvent$OverlayType
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.fml.client.registry.RenderingRegistry
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.RenderItemInFrameEvent
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.RenderLivingEvent$Pre
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.RenderLivingEvent$Post
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.RenderLivingEvent$Specials$Pre
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.RenderLivingEvent$Specials$Post
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.client.event.ScreenshotEvent
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.fml.client.SplashProgress
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] (Reflector) Class not present: net.minecraftforge.event.world.WorldEvent$Load
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] *** Reflector Vanilla ***
[12:00:11] [main/WARN]: Skipping bad option: lastServer:
[12:00:11] [main/INFO]: LWJGL Version: 2.9.4
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine]
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] OptiFine_1.12_HD_U_C3
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] Build: 20170626-123833
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] OS: Windows 10 (amd64) version 10.0
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] Java: 1.8.0_25, Oracle Corporation
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] LWJGL: 2.9.4
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] OpenGL: AMD Radeon R7 Graphics, version 4.5.14009 Compatibility Profile Context, ATI Technologies Inc.
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] OpenGL Version: 4.5.14009
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] OpenGL Fancy fog: Not available (GL_NV_fog_distance)
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] Maximum texture size: 16384x16384
[12:00:12] [Thread-3/INFO]: [OptiFine] Checking for new version
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [Shaders] ShadersMod version: 2.4.12
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [Shaders] OpenGL Version: 4.5.14009 Compatibility Profile Context
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [Shaders] Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [Shaders] Renderer: AMD Radeon R7 Graphics
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [Shaders] Capabilities: 2.0 2.1 3.0 3.2 4.0
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [Shaders] GL_MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS: 8
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [Shaders] GL_MAX_COLOR_ATTACHMENTS_EXT: 8
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [Shaders] GL_MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS: 32
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [Shaders] Load ShadersMod configuration.
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [Shaders] Save ShadersMod configuration.
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [Shaders] No shaderpack loaded.
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: Reloading ResourceManager: Default
[12:00:12] [Thread-3/INFO]: [OptiFine] Version found: C5
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] *** Reloading textures ***
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] Resource packs: Default
[12:00:14] [Sound Library Loader/INFO]: Starting up SoundSystem...
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/INFO]: Initializing LWJGL OpenAL
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/INFO]: (The LWJGL binding of OpenAL. For more information, see www.lwjgl.org)
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/ERROR]: Error in class 'LibraryLWJGLOpenAL'
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/ERROR]: Unable to initialize OpenAL. Probable cause: OpenAL not supported.
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/WARN]: ERROR MESSAGE:
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/INFO]: Could not locate OpenAL library.
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/WARN]: STACK TRACE:
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/INFO]: org.lwjgl.openal.AL.create(AL.java:156)
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/INFO]: org.lwjgl.openal.AL.create(AL.java:102)
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/INFO]: org.lwjgl.openal.AL.create(AL.java:206)
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/INFO]: paulscode.sound.libraries.LibraryLWJGLOpenAL.init(LibraryLWJGLOpenAL.java:164)
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/INFO]: paulscode.sound.SoundSystem.CommandNewLibrary(SoundSystem.java:1576)
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/INFO]: paulscode.sound.SoundSystem.CommandQueue(SoundSystem.java:2572)
[12:00:14] [Thread-4/INFO]: paulscode.sound.CommandThread.run(CommandThread.java:121)
[12:00:15] [Sound Library Loader/WARN]: ERROR MESSAGE:
[12:00:15] [Sound Library Loader/INFO]: Could not locate OpenAL library.
[12:00:15] [Sound Library Loader/INFO]: Starting up SoundSystem...
[12:00:15] [Thread-6/INFO]: Switching to No Sound
[12:00:15] [Thread-6/INFO]: (Silent Mode)
[12:00:15] [Sound Library Loader/INFO]: Sound engine started
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] Mipmap levels: 4
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] Multitexture: false
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/0_glass_white/glass_pane_white.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/0_glass_white/glass_white.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/10_glass_purple/glass_pane_purple.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/10_glass_purple/glass_purple.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/11_glass_blue/glass_blue.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/11_glass_blue/glass_pane_blue.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/12_glass_brown/glass_brown.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/12_glass_brown/glass_pane_brown.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/13_glass_green/glass_green.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/13_glass_green/glass_pane_green.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/14_glass_red/glass_pane_red.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/14_glass_red/glass_red.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/15_glass_black/glass_black.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/15_glass_black/glass_pane_black.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/1_glass_orange/glass_orange.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/1_glass_orange/glass_pane_orange.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/2_glass_magenta/glass_magenta.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/2_glass_magenta/glass_pane_magenta.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/3_glass_light_blue/glass_light_blue.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/3_glass_light_blue/glass_pane_light_blue.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/4_glass_yellow/glass_pane_yellow.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/4_glass_yellow/glass_yellow.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/5_glass_lime/glass_lime.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/5_glass_lime/glass_pane_lime.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/6_glass_pink/glass_pane_pink.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/6_glass_pink/glass_pink.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/7_glass_gray/glass_gray.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/7_glass_gray/glass_pane_gray.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/8_glass_silver/glass_pane_silver.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/8_glass_silver/glass_silver.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/9_glass_cyan/glass_cyan.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/9_glass_cyan/glass_pane_cyan.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/bookshelf.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/glass.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/glasspane.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] ConnectedTextures: mcpatcher/ctm/default/sandstone.properties
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] Multipass connected textures: false
[12:00:17] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] BetterGrass: Parsing default configuration optifine/bettergrass.properties
[12:00:18] [main/INFO]: Created: 1024x512 textures-atlas
[12:00:20] [main/INFO]: Narrator library for x64 successfully loaded
[12:00:20] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] *** Reloading custom textures ***
[12:00:28] [main/INFO]: Stopping!
[12:00:28] [main/INFO]: SoundSystem shutting down...
[12:00:28] [main/WARN]: Author: Paul Lamb, www.paulscode.com
And here's my system and application logs from my computer (I feel like I did this wrong):
Application Log
Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP
Date: 08/13/17 12:28:06 PM
Event ID: 16384
Task Category: None
Level: Information
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Successfully scheduled Software Protection service for re-start at 2117-07-20T17:28:05Z. Reason: RulesEngine.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP" Guid="{E23B33B0-C8C9-472C-A5F9-F2BDFEA0F156}" EventSourceName="Software Protection Platform Service" />
<EventID Qualifiers="16384">16384</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2017-08-13T17:28:06.082416900Z" />
<Correlation />
<Execution ProcessID="0" ThreadID="0" />
<Security />
System Log
Log Name: System
Source: Service Control Manager
Date: 08/13/17 12:14:01 PM
Event ID: 7040
Task Category: None
Level: Information
Keywords: Classic
The start type of the Background Intelligent Transfer Service service was changed from demand start to auto start.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
<Provider Name="Service Control Manager" Guid="{555908d1-a6d7-4695-8e1e-26931d2012f4}" EventSourceName="Service Control Manager" />
<EventID Qualifiers="16384">7040</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2017-08-13T17:14:01.707336300Z" />
<Correlation />
<Execution ProcessID="920" ThreadID="3624" />
<Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />
<Data Name="param1">Background Intelligent Transfer Service</Data>
<Data Name="param2">demand start</Data>
<Data Name="param3">auto start</Data>
<Data Name="param4">BITS</Data>

I tried to provide as much information as possible. If I'm missing anything please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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08/15/2017 2:25 am
Level 13 Journeyman Engineer
I've looked up similar issues regarding this, and by the looks of what's been going on with your PC and the error you linked us to, it may be some kind of firewall issue.

But have you tried without Optifine? I know some people may not want to step away from it (I certainly don't want to either), but that may give us another idea of what's going on.
08/13/2017 6:57 pm
Level 1 New Miner
For starters, you may have upgraded JAVA, but you didn't update your launcher profile to reflect that.

[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine]
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] OptiFine_1.12_HD_U_C3
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] Build: 20170626-123833
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] OS: Windows 10 (amd64) version 10.0
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] Java: 1.8.0_25, Oracle Corporation
[12:00:12] [main/INFO]: [OptiFine] VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation

to fix,

Launch Options / Advanced Settings / select profile / change JVM arguments to reflect correct JAVA path

Minecraft errors seem to be rather generic sometimes. Nothing in the log to really point a finger at but the JAVA path. Process of elimination time, what happens when trying with the default (not Optifine) Minecraft profile? Have you verified Windows Firewall, or any other anti-virus type software hasn't gotten in the way?
08/13/2017 7:21 pm
Level 3 Apprentice Explorer
JVM arguments has this as the path; -Xmx1G -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy -Xmn128M but I'm unsure of what it's supposed to be or how to find the correct path for it.
08/13/2017 8:31 pm
Level 1 New Miner
Sorry, I went from memory. Its not JVM arguments, its JAVA Executable right above it.

if its never been enabled, when it is enabled, it will read: C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\javaw.exe

it should read (for 64 bit): C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_144\bin\javaw.exe

or, for 32-bit java: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_144\bin\javaw.exe
08/13/2017 7:08 pm
Level 3 Apprentice Explorer
I'll see how updating the launcher goes and get back to you. I found a list on mojang's website saying that some antivirus could interfere and my current antivirus was indeed on the list. I uninstalled it and for good measure reinstalled mc again but that still didn't fix the issue. I've also tried without optifine (default) and I'm still getting the same results.
08/14/2017 3:02 am
Level 2 Apprentice Network
Nooc 34
Reinstall Optifine maybe??
08/13/2017 11:05 pm
Level 18 Journeyman Princess
try using a different version of mc
08/13/2017 5:52 pm
Level 18 Journeyman Princess
did it just suddenly happen or has it done this from day 1?
08/13/2017 6:37 pm
Level 3 Apprentice Explorer
This just started yesterday




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