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[1.12][Windows] LAN stuck on connecting or login failed

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created 05/21/2018 8:47 am by gehadsheha
last reply 05/27/2018 4:10 am
Hello PMC,
My problem is that when i want to play on a LAN with my bro his server doesn't appear and when i try to connect to him using direct connect the game is simply stuck on connecting and then times out.
even when i host the LAN the game does not appear to him,
however when connects to me using direct connect it works but it stays stuck on logging in and the login fails, keep in mind that we are doing this without connection to the internet.
CoD 4 however works flawlessly without internet.
The only way to play on LAN is with Hamachi which requires connection to the internet which again is not available.
Also he is running Windows 10 and i am running Windows 7. Specs don't matter when it comes to LAN.
We are both running Java 1.8.0 version 8 build 162

Yours truly,
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05/27/2018 4:10 am
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Even though it's not technically connecting to the internet, have you checked if MC (or rather Java) is allowed an internet connection?
Windows Key + "ο»ΏAllow an app through Windows Firewallο»Ώ" and see Java is ticked on the list.

Can't really think of anything else.




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