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1.14 made minecraft unplayable for old systems

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created 04/24/2019 3:34 pm by SirFlammer
last reply 04/25/2019 2:09 am
This is a post for the 1.14 version of Minecraft JAVA, I tried posting it on minecraft official forums but it was automatically marked as spam, not very usefull... please read it I really need an answer.

For the veterans, we all remember the first time we played minecraft as a child in a bad laptop, low fps, low rendering distance, the fear of herobrine...

Those were simpler times, today technology evolves very quickly and at last minecraft is also evolving his core. I am no program expert, English is not even my first language but one thing I do know very well, is that 1.14 removed the option to disable VBO.

For most of us, that is nothing of interest as minecraft launched itself as normal and maybe you just learned that.

But for some people, with old or with a weak system, they need VBO turned off for the game to not crash. Everyone that grew up with minecraft since before it release went through something similar.[/p] [p]Now that must of us have computers good enough to run minecraft, we may not fell concerned but there is people that cannot afford to buy a new laptop every 3 years or have no use for a desktop PC. (honestly, for people that are not into gaming and just want to enjoy minecraft, buying/upgrading a desktop pc is quite ridiculous)

With that said, here why I m bringing that up and looking for an solution, or at least some hope for a solution.

Since many years, I ve been having a long distance relationship with my girlfriend that is more a girl of studies (French history and arts studies) than a gamer. The first ever real video game that she played was minecraft and since (thanks to realms) we play every night together. It benefits our relationship and it is a good way to relief of stress for her. She puts so much love in her work, she constructs accurate medieval villages and names every single villager, animal and house, even make little stories for each one. Before the update she has been working on creating a "Smurf" village.

Yesterday when the update came, she was so happy to finally be able to put a bell in every of her village and trying all the new features but then, the game crashed. It was heart-breaking to listen to her deception and I knew why that was. Until know, we managed to play with her VBO setting disabled, and with optifine, the game ran perfectly on her 5 years old laptop. I tried to seek answers in old and new posts online, but it is always the same thing:

“What are your system specifications"

"Post again the crash report"

"More info"

"Go see another thread that won’t resolve anything"

"your game crashing is not a problem, VBO removal is working as intended"

"Go buy a new pc"

I could be wrong, but for a game that can run in mobiles and tablets, and for a game that we already have been able to play for many years, there is no reason the lock out people that need that setting turned off to be able to play. Minecraft is not battefield, neither Crysis, the system requirements shouldn't be increased like that.

Of course, whatever the answer, I can't do nothing about it and can't rely on some cheap costumer support.

But I know that minecraft has a community that can make miracles happen, or at least give me some real answers. Is there a way to play minecraft 1.14 without VBO? or something to make it work? update something, install something, wait for a mod etc... anything but endless talk about system specifications please.

Anyway I thank you for at least reading all the post, I know it's long but "minecraft 1.14 crash error" won’t bring up anything new from other posts.
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2 replies

04/25/2019 2:09 am
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I don't know if this is the case (I've not tried the 1.14 version yet, only the snapshots) but it might be a bug, if so, it might be fixed when 1.14.1 comes out, have you already used mojangs bug report?
04/24/2019 7:49 pm
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Google: cyclical consumption

Good luck to you

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