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Can't get server online, PLEASE HELP!

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created 01/02/2016 1:24 am by Dirkerdoodle
Alright so I've gone through 20 different tutorials, both on youtube and in text-format across the web, and for the most part, I've got everything down.
Everything was going smoothly until my friends decided to help me build my hub....
And they couldn't connect to my server.
In fact, it wasn't even recognizing the IP I was using, at first. Since then, I've been struggling with multiple different hosting programs and portforward techniques, and nothing seems to work.

I'm using Spigot 1.8.8 as the basis for my server. The host program is Evolve, which is very similar to LogMeIn Hamachi. I would have used LogMeIn, but it seems to be getting ready to close down in the next few months. Anyway, I've got Evolve all set up, it seems, but I can't figure out how to portforward.

Now, before you send me a thousand links to a thousand different generic tutorials, I've seen them. I even went to the Verizon website to look up a video on how to do it, AND contacted an employee of Frontier to ask them how I portforward, and he didn't even know what I was talking about.

None of the tutorials I've seen have a form that looks like this:

Which as you can imagine, makes it difficult to know what goes where.
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