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can someone convert this xbox 360 world to java edition please? I need your help!

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created 12/14/2017 10:11 am by Raphaggg
last reply 12/14/2017 2:29 pm
Anybody who knows how to convert minecraft xbox 360 worlds to java edition or win. 10 edition can help me on this project, or if someone can open the .bin file for me since I tried everything and I could just not open it, This world that if someone could convert to java edition or win. 10 edition, would be really apreciated. This world is a xbox 360 tutorial world that I played long time ago on with my friends on their xbox 360. there is a tu7 world for java edition, but I really played during the tu9-tu11 update when I started playing the game, and the tu7 world has the castle, but unlike the tu9-11 it didn't have the underwater house and stronghold and more stuff, because that was a previous update. Title update 9 was an update when they changed the music disks in the tutorial world and thats when i started playing with my friend minecraft on the xbox 360. I found the world on planet minecraft, but it was still in a xbox 360 format, and if someone could convert this world, that would be amazing., I tried to update the tu7 world to be like the tu9 world, but I was just too much difference, becuase 4J modified the swamp biome and some things in the world when they were moving the 6 music disks to a different spot. The tu 11 world I found was the only one I found on the internet, so if someone once more can convert this world or atleast open the .bin file for me and upload it to planet minecraft and to notify me when you are done while sending me the link to the download. thanks for any help you guys can do for this thread!

tu11 tutorial world to convert:
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12/14/2017 2:29 pm
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