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change nickname

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created 04/15/2019 7:10 pm by BlenOuO
last reply 04/15/2019 10:27 pm
Well ... I want to change my nickname in Minecraft but I do not know how, so I need ideas.

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04/15/2019 10:27 pm
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Assuming you use the Java Edition of Minecraft:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your Mojang account by clicking right next to the Mojang logo on the button where it says "Log In", then enter your email and password.
  3. Under the "My Games" heading, you should see the subheadings: "Game, Since, Profile Name, Download Game"
  4. Under "Profile Name", you should see your username in hypertext next to "(Change)" in parentheses.

It should look like this: SkyDoesMinecraft (Change)
  1. Click on "(Change)" and you should be redirected to a page under which the heading says: "Rename Profile"
  2. From there, enter in your desired new profile name under "New profile name:" in the box that says in very faint text: "Enter Desired Name" and click on the box next to it that says "Check availability".
  3. If the name is available, you will have to enter your password down below under the heading that says "Password" and click the button that says "Change Name". If the name is not available, you will have to either be content with your existing name or come up with another.

CAUTION: you have to wait 30 days before you can change your name again, so choose wisely!


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