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Custom Textures in 3D Renders (Chunky, Blender, etc.)

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created 12/06/2017 11:09 pm by Chiaroscuro
last reply 12/07/2017 5:53 pm
Recently, I've been having issues with some textures rendering my builds in chunky because I retextured some blocks in my resource pack (I suspect this has to do with the way Chunky uses texture packs)


  1. I retextured Mossy Cobble Wall to have a sandstone texture by changing the "models/block" file. However, in Chunky, it still appears as a default texture.
  2. I added a new "blocks" .png file for the bottoms of Slightly Damaged and Heavily Damaged Anvils, and changed the "models/block" file accordingly. However, it only retextures the top of the anvil and not the base (I think this is because anvil tops are already different in resource packs, while default uses the same texture for damage levels on all anvil bases)
I wanted to make the switch to Blender or some other 3D rendering program, but I haven't found how to import a new-format resource pack into any program, only using the default textures or the old terrain.png format.

Does anyone have any insight into this?

I managed to fix the Mossy Cobble Wall issue by retexturing Mossy Cobblestone, but that's only a stopgap measure while I sort things out. You can still see that anvil bases aren't rendered properly, and neither are custom heads (according to the Chunky website, that feature was supposed to be added in 1.3.6, but I'm running 1.4.2 and it doesn't work still).

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12/07/2017 5:29 pm
Level 54 Grandmaster Artist
Try use Mineways to export your building to obj file - it will also generate 3 png terrain files : solid, transparent, alpha

Then you will just have to edit these terrain files by putting block textures from your resourcepack on them (depending on resolution of the pack you will have to resize these files)

Instead of editing terrain files you can always edit UV coordinates in blender for specific single block texture.
12/07/2017 5:47 pm
Level 49 Master Ladybug
Thanks for the help! As it turns out, I've figured out a way to keep doing it in Chunky with an altered resource pack. I've spent way too long attempting to learn Blender and not really getting anywhere with it, so I've put that off to the side for now. Maybe I'll revisit this once I figure out the basics of Blender.
12/07/2017 5:53 pm
Level 54 Grandmaster Artist
Glad to hear your problem is solved :)




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