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Datapack Bugs and Where to find them?

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created 03/21/2019 10:46 am by DiamondPlayables
last reply 03/21/2019 10:54 am
As you might know, I am TheDiamondPlayables. I work on Minecraft Datapacks.
- As a Datapack Creator, I always try to make the best content there is for you guys.
- I even got a private Datapack Testing Server in which I test my datapacks to make sure that it works well.
- However, there can still be some bugs in my datapacks that you might experience during gameplay
(the chance of which it happens is very highly unlikely, but still, it can happen.),which is why I need your help.
- If you see any bugs in my datapacks, tell me these infomation in the comments:

+ Which datapack is it in?
+ How to recreate it?
+ What Minecraft version are you using?

Leave the report in the comments section down below and I'll gladly come and bugfix it.

Note that you should only post if you are sure that the bug is in one of my datapacks.
I do not and will not bugfix any of other people's datapacks. That's their business.

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03/21/2019 10:54 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Engineer
Awesome idea! Even though I usually find the bugs I make, this is a really great help for people who are new in this community!:D

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