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EepGames Prison server - need help

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created 06/01/2016 4:36 pm by _Eep
Hello, i need help getting players. This is my server:

Optic Prison​
All 1.9 versions with 1.8 PvP
Store: (20% OFF sale when using the code 'HOLIDAY'.​

What we have:

- Balanced Economy
- Warp PvP
- Crates and OP monthly Crates
- Ranks / Mines A-Z-Free (More ranks be adding as people progress)
- Cells
- Furnace Rooms
- Enchantment Area
- Custom Enchants
- Money Notes
- XP-Bottle
- Custom anti-cheat (E-CAC)
- 48 Player slots and hoping to upgrade
- 1.8 PvP
- PartyMine // Donator Mine (Coming Soon)
- Plots
- Boss Mobs (Under development, nearly done!)​

- A working forums
- Cool cover page
- Extra security (To make sure no one gets access to things that shouldn't have)

The EepGames server and it's staff wants to provide you with a safe, new, fresh and cool environment. We have loads of small YouTubers coming to record on the server to help in anyway they can, as we want to start small and grow with the best community we can.

So come join us today at!

- Eep

(Please do not leave rude, unwanted or disrespect comments down below, I'm not in the mood, but I'm okay with people stating what I can improve and what you would prefer, I'm always open to new ideas.)
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