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created 05/09/2017 6:28 pm by PMC
[size=150%]Welcome to the Minecraft Help section[/size]

If you are here then we would assume you are having issues with either getting the game to run, or trying to troubleshoot a specific crash that has happened. Please always remember to create your own topic for your own issue, posting on others' topics for your own issue, even if it is similar, is considered very rude. Create your own topic, it's free!

But in many cases, people do not provide enough information, and that makes providing support more difficult. So to make everyone's lives easier, please take your time to include several pieces of information so that we do no have to waste time on asking you to provide the info needed for general troubleshooting. And with that, we as the community would try our best to provide as much support as we can.

Before posting, please make sure to Google your issue, or part of your crash logs. You will find that many others have had similar issues and in many cases, they have been resolved.

How to Ask for Help

How to Downgrade your Minecraft Client Version

Pixel Format Not Accelerated Crash
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